By Published On: August 24, 2023

Minister Spotlight: Cindy Storman


1) What inspired you to get into this work? 

Pure curiosity led me down this path of exploring entheogens and Ministerial work! A good friend of mine was working with these sacraments in her own healing process and she began attending a training program to become a Guide herself. 

I had already been working with people in the healing space through teaching yoga and hosting retreats and workshops. I had received a Master’s Certification in intuition medicine and was working one one-on-one with clients.  Although I enjoyed that work, it felt like something was missing. 

I got connected with a Guide and had my first medicine journey. I remember taking off my eyeshades at the end and saying to my Guide “This is what I want to do!” I had already signed up for a Joe Dispenza training program and right after that experience, I asked for my money back and put it towards training to become a Minister at CSP. 

Through working with the ninos, in particular, I began uncovering my shadows and deep-seated trauma. These allies allowed me to explore parts of myself that I did not even know existed and through this work, I have come out accepting and loving myself more fully. I am deeply grateful and aim to help my members find their own awakening path.

2) What’s one of the most profound lessons you have received from the sacrament? 

As stated above, one of my most clear messages that I received from the sacrament was my life calling…to become a Minister!

I was luckily raised in an environment where healing was the norm in my family. My mother is a healer and my father is a Psychologist. I was familiar with astrology, energy work, therapy, and many other modalities. However, I think up until I found this work I had been spiritually bypassing. I was so comfortable existing only in the light and focusing on the positive. This work has really taught me to dive deep into the underworld and to really look at my shadow. It has also shown me the value of bringing this darkness up into the light, so that I may turn my greatest pain into my greatest power. 

3) How has this work deepened your relationship with Self/Source? 

I am now able to embrace all of me, not just the parts that I wanted reflected outward. I have a lot more acceptance of myself now and have come to terms with things that I can and cannot change about myself.  These parts of myself that I used to think were flaws, are just parts of what makes me most unique.

In terms of my relationship to Source, I always felt like I have had a pretty deep connection. However, through this work, I have found my relationship with Source more connected to my everyday life. I love how Source is presented to me visually now, especially through the work with the ninos, which makes it less esoteric and more real.

4) What is one of your favorite ways to help people prep for or integrate their ceremonial experiences?

For my intentions calls, I have been starting to do a special meditation with my Members that has gotten significant results…in fact, some members have said that this has been just as powerful as their journey! 

I ask my member to name a part that lives inside of themselves that may be scared or apprehensive about this upcoming ceremony. We go deep into a meditation where we explore where this part lives in their body and we have a conversation with it. We then have the member ask this part if it is okay if they can give them some space during their journey and ask where else they can put this part during the session. This practice really opens up permission for my members to dive deeper and have less anxiety coming into the ceremonial space.

In terms of integration, I have noticed that most of my member’s insights during their ceremony have to do with slowing down more in their daily life. Being a meditation instructor, I always recommend that they start a meditation practice which can have amazing results! However, some people may be resistant to that so I start off with something smaller. I recommend that they pick an activity that they do every day and bring some mindfulness to that practice. Whatever it is…brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, walking your dog…bring your mind to the present moment. This seems to work wonders and is a great stepping stone for most!

5) What’s your favorite medicine journey track?