The Congregation is not affiliated with any religious organization or domination and accepts people from all backgrounds and faiths.

The Congregation for Sacred Practices has Ministries based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington DC, and Denver, CO. We are ever evolving as we continue to train Ministers from around the country and expand our sacred practices.

We offer a variety of sacraments based on the needs and goals of each individual member. After you become a Member and fill out your initial intake form, you will work closely with your Minister to determine which sacrament is aligned with your spiritual exploration.

These sacraments are still categorized by the DEA as Level 1 substances, but we have some protections as a church under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It is also wonderful news that DC, Denver, and SF have decriminalized entheogenic plants and fungus which means possession of these substances have become the lowest enforcement priority. To be clear, there has not yet been a test case for a multisacramental church and it is unclear what arguments the government might make in the courts regarding the use of Schedule 1 substances in a religious context. 

The best way for you to refer people is to send them to our website and tell them to become a community member by signing up for our monthly newsletter. Encourage them to attend 2 of our events and then have them fill out our ceremonial membership form on our website.

Before you partake in any ceremony, we have you fill out a rigorous intake form that asks about your medical history. Your Ministers are informed of the correct protocol and, in consultation with your prescriber, will make sure you are cleared before you sit.

Due to the sensitive nature of this work, we only recommend Ministers who have been trained by the Congregation or have been approved directly by the Founders. If they are not on our Directory, we are unable recommend them.

If this is your first time working with sacred medicines then it might be helpful to schedule a free consultation with a Minister first so they may help you determine the best path forward.

You will be assigned a Ceremony 101 short course once you schedule a one on one ceremony with your Minister or a Group Ceremony. It will cover the importance of prep and integration and what you can expect on the actual day. We make sure you are fully prepared before you sit with the sacred medicine. 

Religion is a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others.

We welcome individuals who are new to this spiritual path with open arms! We encourage you to attend 2 of our community gatherings and then if you feel called to become a Member, you may then find a Minister to work with who can hold your hand throughout this process. If you are looking to become a Minister, we require you to have extensive experience with expanded states and you may learn more about our training for Ministers program here

The Congregation for Sacred Practices takes ethics violations extremely seriously. We have created a code of conduct that all Ministers must agree upon and sign before they are even licensed. While we do not expect this to be an issue, we have a form that is accessible on everyone’s member profile page where you may file a complaint. We have an Ethics Committee that has formed a process to review all complaints and if we find that someone has been in violation of our agreements, their license will be revoked immediately. 

When forming community it’s inevitable that there will be opportunitiues for rupture and repair. People come from different backgrounds, have various belief structures and ways of handling conflict. Our hope is that we can give one another the benefit of the doubt as much as we can and try to honor one anothers’ nervous systems. If you have tried various avenues of communication and are feeling stuck, discuss this issue with your Minister or Therapist to determine the best way forward. Oftentimes doing a ceremony with the sacrament can be your greatest ally.