Becoming a Ceremonial Member of the Congregation gives you access to work with sacred sacraments in a safe and loving container. With access to our Directory, you may find a Minister to help guide you in your spiritual awakening. If you are feeling called to work within community, we also offer group ceremonies that we host quarterly.

All Members are invited to attend special workshops, courses, and pilgrimages. Ceremonial  Members will be given first priority for signing up for our annual Oaxaca Plgrimage, and other spiritual retreats. Members will also receive discounts on conferences and events that we partner with such as the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference.

We have also created an online membership portal, where fellow seekers may share resources and support one another on a more active basis. Our hope is that this channel inspires people to integrate their experiences with expanded states on a deeper level and acts as a mycelium network, forging stronger bonds and carrying nutrients to one another as we grow. 

To become a Ceremonial Member, we suggest that you attend at least two community events so you may get a feel for the Congregation and our sacred practices. If you would like to move forward, please complete the membership form below and schedule a fifteen minute call to connect with one of our Ministers who may answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Congregation! We look forward to deepening our connection with the divine within you.