By Published On: June 27, 2023


1) What inspired you to get into this work? 

Like so many others, it was walking through my own healing journey that brought me to this path. I spent so much of my adult life trying different modalities and techniques to help myself overcome my childhood trauma. While some were effective, it was not until I was introduced to the sacrament that I began to soften and really start to heal my deep wounds.

I was introduced to this work through a friend who had been working with a Guide. I had noticed profound shifts in their behavior and observed his life getting better and better each time he sat with the sacrament. I decided to follow in his footsteps and give it a try for myself!

My first ceremony was incredibly transformational. I felt overwhelmed with sadness but was also able to tap into my joy. I could feel myself coming back alive again and opening up my heart, which had been closed for quite some time to help shield me and protect me.

Over the next couple of years, I continued to work with the sacrament and I found that my whole worldview and perspective changed. I was a completely new person and wanted to be of service to others as they began their path of spiritual awakening. It has become my greatest pleasure in life to witness the magic of a person experiencing the journey space for the first time. The magic being the self-exploration that is accessed in the most profound, deep, and beautiful ways imaginable. 

2) What’s one of the most profound lessons you have received from the sacrament? 

The sacrament has made me witness the paternal epigenetic trauma that has been passed down for generations in my family and has made me realize that none of it belongs to me. Although I carried it for my entire life, I now recognize that none of it is mine to hold and that I can choose to let it go. 

3) How has this work deepened your relationship with Self/Source? 

I have experienced, on more than one occasion, a divine download where information has been too great to understand yet has flowed through the vessel of my human body, down into the Earth, where I came to realize that we are all one…past, present, and future. The experience was both a Kundalini vibration and intense frequency that is so too difficult to put into words but that has forever changed me and my deep connection to Source.

If I had to put into one sentence how this work has deepened my relationship with self I would say that it has allowed me to come home to myself. 

4) What is one of your favorite ways to help people prep for or integrate their journey experiences?

When preparing someone for a journey, I think that it’s important for them to focus on what they are consuming literally and figuratively a day or so before they do a session with me. This means avoiding media, following a strict diet and watching their nutrition, and being extra mindful of where they put their energy and attention. I oftentimes recommend that they take a three-day retreat, which includes taking the day before, the day of, and the day after off so they can fully immerse themselves into their experience and allow space for the work to unfold. 

After the ceremony, I think one of the kindest things we can offer people is to remind them to be patient. Many people want answers right away, but this work is a process and oftentimes the afterglow of the sacrament offers the largest gems in its own ways and its own timeline. Trust the process. Some activities that can help make this time even more fruitful are journaling, sketching, or doing dreamwork. 

5) What’s your favorite medicine journey track?